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Отзыв Nissan Skyline (1993 г.)

Nissan Skyline

Скалик у меня уже год. В принципе проблем не было. Наслаждаюсь преимуществом заднего привода, особенно при поворотах и заносах. Единственный недостаток моего авто коробка автомат. Хочу заняться переделкой бамперов, уж какие-то они скромные. Решетка уже на переделке. Летом автомобиль просто прелесть, едешь и не думаешь, что тебя куда-то снесет или выбросит с дороги. В зиму уже сложнее, приходится ловить зад или наоборот добавлять газу, чтобы войти в поворот, неотъемлемая часть автомобиля это ручник. Ручник верный друг на гололеде и не только. Работу двигателя можно оценить на отлично, работает бесшумно, и выносит любые напряги. В салоне относительно тихо, когда едешь по неровностям, а их в РФ много. В общем авто мне нравится, и продавать пока не хочу.

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Сделаю бампера, разрисую кузов, прямоток и вперед.

Совет автора покупателям Nissan Skyline 1993 г

Двигатель и подвеска надежная, форма кузова, задние фанари, легок в управлении.

ITU Telecom World 2020. Day One: Integrating digital markets: new building blocks to regional integration


The internet, as Dr Monika Karas, President, National Media and Infocommunications Authority of Hungary, pointed out in her opening remarks, is the most powerful network that has ever existed – but to ensure we benefit fully from it, “we need to remove the barriers of digital space that are currently hampering growth. “

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Barriers such as the bottleneck of the digital divide, where access to digital goods and services is far from uniform or equal. Eliminating the barriers between businesses and individuals is crucial to allow online businesses to work across borders, and is a key element in the European integrated digital market strategy. Seamless access to online goods and services, infrastructure and network services across the entire digital ecosystem from audio visual to media services, e commerce or equal access will enable the expansion of the growth potential of the European digital economy.

Two factors are particularly important: encouraging consumers to make use of digital services from service and content providers, most significantly local content; and sharing best practices and disseminating knowledge among and between nations and regions.

Moderator Karim Taga, Managing Partner of Arthur D. Little Austria, echoed the need to adopt a more holistic approach embracing not just telecommunications operators but the entire digital ecosystem, from network operators to device manufacturers, equipment vendors, software, content provider and internet companies. Analysing this ecosystem produces perhaps surprising conclusions: there are huge disparities in value creation across the chain, with value consolidated at the top in the hands of a very small number of major players, and markedly less value shared between many more stakeholders at the bottom, the level of the network operators – the level which is also most heavily regulated.

Russian Minister for Telecom and Mass Communication H.E. Nikolay Nikiforov agreed that the basement or physical access part of the market is regulated tightly by national legislation, whilst the top of the pyramid is all but unregulated. He quoted examples from Russia itself, where recent federal laws aim to ensure that all personal data of Russian citizens remains within Russia. It is important to not prohibit anything with legislation, but to develop fair market conditions to benefit national economies – after all, “all countries are investing billions of dollars or euros into physical infrastructure, and every economy wants to actually benefit from that.”

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Creating a more level playing field and creating value may be possible through multinational or regional cooperation, whether at country level such as in the European Union or BRICs, or between companies uniting to increase mutual market share, or indeed at international level in organizations such as ITU, working to remove existing barriers and stimulate the cross-border digital economy.

Anat Bar-Gera, Chairperson, YooMee Africa AG, highlighted the importance of locally relevant content generated in local languages by the local community in driving internet demand and take-up. Her business model in Africa has evolved from selling data packages alone to “going one step further and becoming the catalyst for producing local content in the local environment”. Local content creates usage and interest, stimulating the creation of SMEs selling their own products and services online.

Regionalization is and could be a game changer in terms of doing business not just in Africa, but throughout the world. A regional approach to licencing, for example, or bandwidth provision would save time and money, break the quasi monopoly of incumbent operators and drive e commerce. It is also important to push for a real performing technology such as 4G LTE, for example, as 2G or 3G is not the same product and does not enable the same quality or range of internet services and applications such as VoIP, Skye, data transfer or streaming – and therefore does not integrate developing nations.

A range of measures to increase e commerce would include lower taxes on devices and international bandwidth, reduction in bureaucratic hurdles, closing the digital skills gap in emerging markets and tapping a range of potential investors in infrastructure, focusing in particular on development financing institutions.

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Shola Taylor, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation, echoed the need for local content in emerging markets to drive demand and growth, and pointed out the importance of providing sufficient spectrum across the globe. Allocation of spectrum increases affordability and access by driving economies of scale up and prices for handsets and access down. The issue of competing demands for spectrum from the satellite and mobile industries is unresolved and may rely on regional interest blocks working together for an integrated approach.

Regional cooperation is also key within Europe where “atomised operators are weaker than their peers elsewhere in terms of investment”, said Christopher Mattheisen, CEO, Magyar Telekom, with competition within Europe perhaps distracting from real competitors on the global level. It is ultimately in the public interest for consumers to have access to the highest quality infrastructure possible, something which regulation in favour of a more integrated regional market may enable.

Regulation must also match the pace of innovation, look at the realities of the competitive market and enable competition as well as focus on where emerging public interest is. We are now only at the beginning of the internet world, so it is important to reflect on the right principles to support this new world and stimulate and promote investment.

The digital single market within Europe currently “does not exist” Linda Corugedo-Steneberg, Principal Advisor, European Commission, told participants. “We have 28 markets with their own rules and regulations. What we need is one market.” So many different sets of regulations can make it hard for SMEs to start up, work across borders. The intention is not, however to create fortress Europe, but instead to have one set of non-discriminatory rules which is also good for companies from outside Europe wishing to enter the marketplace. Opening up and removing barriers will promote growth and also significantly boost jobs.

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